More than Mad: Boundary setting in a racially charged hate-verse

A Workshop for Black Women

Do I know who I am?

Do I know who I’m not?

I am…

not a representative, not an amusement, not a stereotype, not a movement, not an experiment, not a source, not a hub of information, and not the sum total of the Black experience

I am just…me!

It’s hard to hold onto ourselves in a social media society. While there is the appearance of more access to thought provoking information, we are just becoming more arrogant to our ignorance; we think we “know” but, we only know what is posted on a Facebook wall or a twitter feed. A few talking points and we think we are sufficiently informed.  Black Women experience the consequences of this ignorance more than most, we are often regarded by social media but the actualities of our lives are never considered. We struggle to own our Blackness for us when everyone has an opinion about what it means for them.

The inability to take ourselves, and our needs, at face value is the mitigating causes of the stress, tension, exhaustion, anxiety, depression, and disconnection we are experiencing in our day-to-day lives. We lack the ability to just be. As Black women we are always conscious of how we affect others, and very rarely do we know what to do with how others affect us. This must change.

The Black Women’s Program at BWSS is hosting workshops in the month of November to invite women to come together and learn how to make these changes

Workshop participants will:

  • Be surrounded and supported by Black women in a safe non-judgmental space
  • Find their voices, and learn self-advocacy skills
  • Learn how not to get lost in societal labels that package our personalities for the benefit of others
  • Learn how to improve our relationships with ourselves
  • Learn the value of our emotions, and how to respect them and appropriately respond to our needs
  • Learn how to set and enforce boundaries with the people in and around our lives in an effort to locate and maintain our personal peace

Workshops will be Thursday evenings in November

November 16th, November 23rd, and November 30th from 6:00pm to 9:00 pm

Workshops are free to participants, but a 3 week commitment to attend all sessions is required

Snacks will be provided.

Participants must register: to register send an email, or call 604-687-1867, please include your name and contact information and you will be contacted by a workshop facilitator.

Theresa Thomas

Theresa Thomas was born and raised in Houston, Texas. Since moving to Vancouver in 2012, Theresa has committed herself to being an a passionate advocate and support for people seeking freedom from abuse and societal oppression. Theresa is a STV Counsellor at Battered Women’s Support Services, and a Youth and Family Counsellor in Richmond working with those affected by substance misuse and addiction.

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