Professional Presentations

Battered Women’s Support Services has been an expert on providing women-centred, anti-oppression training for more than two decades. We provide several training programs for women and front line workers across British Columbia.

BWSS Professional Presentations

As part of the Strategic Intervention Training program, BWSS professional presentations are designed to offer information, discussion and practical solutions to the challenges related to specific topics. The presentations are designed to offer theoretical framework, knowledge and skill sets relevant to each particular topic.

To make the professional presentations accessible and affordable for organizations and groups, presentation fees will be charged on a sliding scale.

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Professional Presentation Topics

Battered Women’s Support Services

This presentation is an introduction to the organization, its mandate, and the various programs, services and resources we offer with the aim of elimination of all violence against women.

Understanding the Dynamics of Violence against Women

Violence against women should be conceptualized in the broader social and historical paradigm of oppression and domination.  This presentation is designed to provide a practical model for understanding the dynamics of violence against women in intimate relationships.

Violence against Non-status, Refugee and Immigrant Women

Through this presentation you will develop an understanding of the impact of the inter-connection of sex, race, class, sexual orientation and immigration status on Non-Status, Refugee and Immigrant women’s lives. While discovering different tools and strategies that empower women, you will learn about the impact of violence on NSRIW, their families, and communities.

Violence against Aboriginal Women in Intimate relationship: Exploring the Impact of Colonialization

This presentation explores violence against aboriginal women in the context of colonialization, cultural oppression and racism. Examining this issue in a socio-historical context will broaden and deepen the awareness of the effects of violence on Aboriginal women and their communities.

Support Group Facilitation Skills:  Working with Women Survivors of Violence

This presentation offers practical tools and strategies for facilitating support groups for women survivors of violence. You will explore relevant group processes and dynamics, evaluate factors that contribute to successful group facilitation for women survivors of violence, and explore issues related to adult learning.

Legal Advocacy: Violence against Women and the Law

Through this presentation you will be introduced to the basics of the Canadian Judicial system; the particular, you will explore the major challenges women survivors of violence face when navigating the legal system. The session will provide you with some practical strategies and legal resources so you can better assist women in accessing justice.

Engaging Men to Own Their Role To End Violence Against Women

We believe that violence against women isn’t only a woman’s issue but is clearly an issue for men. Inspired by out Violence Stops Here campaign, this presentation is designed to urge men to own their role in ending violence against women. The presentation offers men practical tools and strategies for breaking the silence and a promoting healthy masculine role.

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