Business and Non-Profit Partnerships Adding Value for the Betterment of Community

Solly’s Bagelry is a very popular place, a Vancouver institution, established in 1994.  In addition to over a dozen varieties of hand-rolled boiled bagels, Solly’s features world famous cinnamon buns, chocolate Babka, Rugoleh, strudel, mandelbroit, knishes, blintzes, challah, meringues, macaroons and so much more.  Solly’s mouth-watering deli meals include pastrami and corned beef sandwiches, lox and cream cheese, and delicious soups including homemade chicken soup with matzo balls. One of the popular breakfast items is Solly’s Eggel™ creation, which is a fresh baked toasted bagel topped with an egg, melted edam or cheddar and various delicious toppings.


As a young girl, Leah Markovitch, Solly’s founder, President and CEO, learned baking by observing and working with her Grandmother.  Her Grandmother, a hard-working immigrant from Russia, steeped Leah in the tradition of strong Jewish women. Leah wants to get the message out that “women are amazing” and recognizes that too many women are disempowered and living in unsafe situations such as abusive relationships.


Co-operation and Collaboration

Over the past several years, BWSS and Solly’s have collaborated to bring a message of women’s empowerment and to bring awareness to the community about services for women fleeing violence.  In 2010, Leah hosted our first Mother’s Day event at Solly’s by placing a donation box at the cashier.  Then in 2011:

“Mother’s Day is one of the most celebrated special days in the western world. When I was a long distance operator many, many years ago (when there was no such thing as direct long distance dialing,) Mother’s Day was the busiest day in the year. The phone lines were plugged up all day. We all have mothers, and on this special day many of us take the opportunity to thank them for their hard work and effort.

Unfortunately many mothers and women live in situations that are not supportive.  One in four women across the world experience domestic abuse either physical or mental or both. Contrary to what many think, abuse crosses all nationalities, all religions, it can happen in your neighbour’s homes, among the rich and the poor, to the educated and non educated.” Solly’s Bagelry press release 2011.


In 2012, Leah and Solly’s hosted “Did You Know…?


Over the years, Leah’s generosity has extended to supporting BWSS through helping feed attendees at several BWSS events and activities including:

Emerge Vancouver, February 14th Women’s Memorial March, International Women’s Day and recently at Up For Debate.

Mother’s Day 2015

This Mother’s Day weekend it’s all about cookies made exclusively by Solly’s Bagelry for Battered Women’s Support Services.  On Saturday, May 9, and Sunday, May 10th please join us at Solly’s Bagelry located at 368 West 7th Avenue in Vancouver, BC from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Bring your Mother, daughter, your aunt, your sister, or come alone and enjoy delicious traditional food.  And while you’re there pick up a package of our cookies, made exclusively for BWSS.  All funds raised through the sale of cookies will be used to fund our critical services and programs. Cookies will also be available for sale at:

IMG_5261My Sister’s Closet, social enterprise of Battered Women’s Support Services

1092 Seymour Street, Downtown, Vancouver

T: 604.687.0770

Solly’s Bagelry “Up Main”

4071 Main Street, Vancouver

T: 604.675.9770

Solly’s Bagelry “Westside”

2873 West Broadway, Vancouver



Business and Non-Profit Partnerships

Solly’s Bagelry has a committed, loyal following and on the weekend the bagelry bustles.  BWSS responds to over 10,000 requests for services annually. The business world is a competitive world, with each vying for the market share, non profits seek ways to increase their capacity through resource development and fundraising. When businesses and non profits work together there is significant value added for the betterment of the overall community.  BWSS is so grateful for Leah and Solly’s Bagelry bringing together our shared social purpose to build our shared community around the effort to end violence against women.


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