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Online Publications & Resources for Community Workers

This is a list of legal publications and resources that are available online through external websites; they are helpful for community workers who are engaged in anti-violence work.

Family Law in British Columbia

This website is maintained by the Legal Services Society (LSS). It provides information about variety of topic related to Family Law and some other related mattered including income assistance and immigration issues.

This site is meant to provide legal information only, not legal advice. The information is available in Arabic, Vietnamese, Panjabi, Spanish, Farsi, Russian, French, Mandarin and Cantonese.

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Legal Help for British Columbians (Community Worker Resource)

This booklet, done in collaboration with the Nicola Valley Advocacy Centre and BC Courthouse Libraries, is a guide for non-legal professionals in British Columbia to learn where to direct clients when legal problems occur.  It offers tips, tools, step-by-step process, and where to refer women.

To order copies contact: The People’s Law School


Public Legal Education and Information Resource Catalogue (BC)

This booklet lists resources including print materials available to the public in BC onlaw-related topics. It is 78 pages long but is well indexed by areas of the law. Anyone providing services to the public will find this helpful, because it is a one-stop resource guiding you to appropriate legal resources for anyone you are working with.

To order print copies contact: Legal Services Society Distribution


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JP Boyd’s Family Law Resource

This website offers a comprehensive survey of family law, divorce law and the court process in British Columbia, Canada. It’s written in plain language, with handy pop-up definitions for legal words and phrases, and covers nearly everything there is to know about family law and divorce law in the province:

Justice Education Society of BC

In this website you will find user-friendly information in family law matters that range from ‘how to represent yourself in court’ to ‘how to cope with separation and divorce’:

For example, Court Tips helps women to prepare to represent themselves in Supreme Court during a family law hearing. The website has seven videos show what information to present to a judge, explain what to expect from the process and answer questions commonly asked by parents before appearing in court, for example, how to present a case in Chambers; how to put a best case forward; how to avoid pitfalls, etc.

Another helpful resource is the What to Expect the Day of the Hearing : Family Law and You: Representing BC Supreme Court has four videos that help women representing themselves in Supreme Court cases.

These cases can include divorce, custody, access, guardianship and/or child support matters:

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Click Law

This site provides legal information, education and help for British Columbians.  Provides links to resources in English, Farsi, French, Hindi, Korean, Mandarin, Punjabi, Spanish and Vietnemese.


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(CourtHouse Libaries BC)

Community Legal Assistance Society

Activities include test case and Charter litigation; service case work and law reform; liaison and consultation with community groups; legal supervision of advocacy groups and law students; publication of legal materials designed to assist self-represented litigants; and legal training and support to lay advocates, community groups, law students, and lawyers doing pro-bono work.


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Law Students Legal Assistance Program manual

It provides helpful information about the law and legal procedures. Chapter 3 is all about Family law.


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Access Justice

Pro Bono legal services of BC/ Multilingual brochures /English legal term glossary:

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BC Government Attorney General Website

Family Court forms- PDF files:

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Accessing Court Documents Online:

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