Options for LGBTQTS Women

You deserve to live free from abuse.

BWSS recognizes that despite its absence in common media and anti-violence information, same gender and same sex abuse is widespread and prevalent. It is a reality in our communities and may be confusing to identify. BWSS is committed to facing this reality and providing relevant services and support for lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, queer, transgender and two-spirit women. We provide services to all self-identified women.


What do we mean by abuse?

Abuse (battering) in an intimate relationship is a situation where one person attempts to establish a system of power and control. This pattern targets the thoughts or behaviours of a lover, partner or spouse.

These attempts come in various forms including physical, emotional, intellectual, sexual, spiritual and economic abuse. This person may have final say in many decisions or get their “way” much of the time.


Abuse occurs within lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, queer, trans and straight relationships.

It happens in all communities regardless of race, social status or education. Size, strength, mental health, use of substances, gender presentation or politics does not determine whether she or he has been abused or is abusive.


For more information or for support call 604-687-1867 or email intake@bwss.org.

This program is made possible with the funding from Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General Crime Prevention Victim Service Division, Ministry of Housing and Social Development and The City of Vancouver.

Every week a woman in Canada is killed by her intimate partner. BWSS is working to change that.