Your Rights On Reserve: A Legal Tool-kit for Aboriginal Women in BC

Last week, Atira Women’s Resource Society released a legal tool-kit for Aboriginal Women in British Columbia. Led by Atira Women’s Resource Society’s legal advocate Amber Prince, this tool-kit was created by Aboriginal women, for Aboriginal women.

Says Ms. Prince, “As Aboriginal women with varying experience with the law we have seen in our work and in our lives how gaps in legal information creates hardships for Aboriginal women in BC.”

The tool-kit aims to address some of the identified gaps in legal information for Aboriginal women.

“We hope this tool-kit will be of assistance to women, their families and their communities,” says Prince, “as well as for service providers helping Aboriginal women understand some of their legal rights in BC and especially as they apply on reserve.”

The tool-kit includes chapters on taxation, employment issues on Reserve, social assistance / welfare, education, Indian Status, Band membership, Reserve land and housing issues, wills and estates Issues, family law, relationship violence, Ministry of Children and Families Development and governance issues.

The Tool kit is available for download here.

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