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April 11-17 2021 is Prevention of Violence Against Women Week.
We stay on the frontline to end gender-based violence, support survivors, and fight for systemic change.
2021 has been one of the most deadly years for women and girls, and it’s only April. With social isolation and limited access to services, abusive partners have more power than ever.

Abusive partners are also exploiting the virtual realm to surveil women, to prevent women from accessing support services, to exploit women and to stalk women. Technology is being misused to become another tool for abusive partners to exert control.

95% of aggressive behaviour, harassment and abusive language in online spaces are aimed at women and come directly from current or former partners. Abusers are known to use technology as a way to intimidate, control and isolate women and girls. That’s why we’re raising awareness for these issues during Prevention of Violence Against Women Week, April 11-17, and sharing best practices for online safety.

Technology has also helped BWSS respond to over 32,000 requests for support in 2020 through our Crisis Line, via phone call, email or text message. And women continue to leave their abusive partners, even throughout the pandemic.

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If you or someone you know needs support, please contact our Crisis & Intake Line:
Call: 604.687.1867
Toll Free: 1.855.687.1868
Text: 604.652.1867
Email: intake@bwss.org

A woman or girl is killed every 2.5 days in Canada.

7 women have been killed in BC in the past 7 weeks.

In 2010, 160 women & girls were killed in Canada.

In 90% of cases where the accused killer has been identified, they are male.

We stay on the frontline 24/7.

Help us end gender-based violence.

Women are not safe. Please share to spread the word.

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