Join Sweat to Support Survivors
to End Gender-Based Violence

This summer, you can support women and children fleeing from violence by participating in any physical activity you love. Walk, swim, hike, run, and raise funds for Battered Women’s Support Services (BWSS).

On the frontline since 1979.

Battered Women’s Support Services provides education, advocacy, and support services to assist all victims and survivors in our aim to work towards the elimination of gender-based violence and to work from a feminist perspective that promotes gender equity.

The Justice Centre at BWSS logo
Enhanced legal supports and education that help survivors navigate complex legal systems and bridge a gap in services that is often insurmountable without support.

Community Engagement

Battered Women’s Support services provides many opportunities for you to work with us.

If you believe that all gender based violence must end, then check out our violence prevention opportunities for allies.

Support for survivors and victims of gender based violence

You have the right to be safe and free from violence.

Anyone who has experienced gender based violence, abuse in an intimate relationship, childhood sexual abuse or adult sexual assault may access our services.

Research and Policy

We provide critical data, research, and policy analytics to grassroots and community-based organizing campaigns.

This strengthens our impact by mobilizing community-based experiences and evidence-informed resources from an intersectional, anti-oppressive, feminist and critical race theory, analysis, and practice.

Special Projects and Initiatives

Battered Women’s Support Services hosts and produces special projects and grassroots collaborations that include research & policy analysis, strategic interventions, advertising campaigns, conferences, and more.

My Sister’s Closet

A Social Enterprise of BWSS

We are solid members of the zero waste, eco fashion, and the thrift movement. 100 percent of revenue generated from sales help fund the violence prevention and intervention services and programs operated by BWSS.

Professional Training & Presentations

Since 1979 BWSS has developed curriculum and delivered training workshops based on an empowerment model.

Our curriculum is grounded in theoretical foundations, current research, practical skills.

women died in Canada due to gender-based violence in 2021


were killed in their own home or the home they shared with the accused


Canadian girls have been harassed or abused online

BWSS had 94,736 requests service from March 1, 2020 – March 31, 2022

With your help we responded to 94,736 requests for service

Your gift makes it possible for us to stay on the frontline to provide crisis support, counselling, support groups, legal advocacy, employment counselling, housing support and outreach.

More than a third of all women, girls, and gender-diverse folks worldwide will experience physical or sexual violence in their lifetime.

We are working to change that.

Battered Women’s Support Services on the front line
BWSS crisis line volunteers
My Sister's Closet eco thrift volunteers
Battered Women’s Support Services peer support worker
The BWSS vaccinated Safety Changes Everything Outreach Team
Angela training at UBC

“I don’t know what I would do if I did not have BWSS.

I do not have any family or community that supports me in the way that you do.”

– Crisis line caller

“Essentially what we’re trying to figure out is what this person’s life might look like.

We’re not making assumptions about her, or what her needs are, but get an idea about what she might be experiencing and then see what her safety needs might be.”

– Theresa, Women’s Counsellor

“When I was younger my mom needed help but there weren’t any programs like this available in our small community because of the lack of leadership and funding.

The work that BWSS does has helped so many women and girls like my mom and they should be supported.“

– Jessica, Youth Ending Violence volunteer

“I support BWSS because I support the work they do to liberate women and girls from violence. I have spent the last 14 years working and volunteering for various women’s organizations, but none is like BWSS.

The women that work and volunteer here truly stand by their mission, creating at atmosphere of inclusion and diversity for all women.

It’s an honor and a privilege to be able to fundraise for such an incredible organization!”

– Patricia Massy

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Ending Violence Blog

Our advocacy work extends to our award winning Ending Violence Blog where we provide resources and information to end gender based violence.

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