My Sister’s Closet, Fashion Forward to End Violence

We are women social entrepreneurs through the marketing of our skill-based feminist counselling training program since the 1990s and with the opening of the My Sister’s Closet Thrift Boutique in 2001. We have grown to fully realize our potential as successful social businesswomen.

My Sister's Closet - A Social Enterprise of BWSS Support Battered Women's Support Services BWSS at Eco Fashion Week 2013 Collaborate to End Violence agasint Women and Girls

BWSS Retail Program & Social Enterprise: My Sister’s Closet

As advocates of zero waste, eco-fashion and the thrift movement, we enable women, men and children to access beautiful new and second-hand clothing. Revenue generated from the sales of clothing help fund violence prevention and intervention services operated by Battered Women’s Support Services which support over 10,000 women every year. Visit us at 1092 Seymour St. (corner of Helmcken St) in Yaletown, Vancouver. We’re open seven days a week and can be reached at 604-687-0770.

One of the many ways we meet the needs of women in our community is through social enterprise. This includes our Retail Program and thrift boutique, My Sister’s Closet.

My Sister’s Closet is a community boutique where we are offering diversity in fashion to our shoppers with exceptional service from over 40 volunteer women. Our little boutique is a space for community to come together to end violence against women and girls.

You can find gently used, recycled, vintage, and eco-fashion clothing in a variety of styles and sizes for both women and men. All the clothing and accessories are donated by community members, retailers, and the film industry.

My Sister’s Closet was founded on the principle of seeking freedom from the whims of government to end violence against women. In the past year alone, 13,000 women have accessed services at BWSS. In addition, clothing is donated out to organizations serving women and men in need of free clothing such as the YWCA Single Moms housing, BC Coalition of People with Disabilities, DTES Women’s Centre, and to BWSS Safety & Outreach Program in the DTES.

My Sister's Closet - Ending Violence against women and girls


Supporting Local Woman Artisans

My Sister’s Closet supports local women artisans by giving them retail space and promoting their work. This contributes to their financial independence and growth of artistic expression. Current artisans featured at My Sister’s Closet are:

Diane Wood, a local activist and artisan who specializes in unique cards, dolls, and buttons.

Farah Larki, a local artisan who creates upcycled handbags and foot covers.

Laura Harrison, a local pottery designer who creates a variety of unique pieces.

Setareh Bateni, a Vancouver-based jewellery designer creating hand-crafted collections to portray romance and tradition in a modern setting.

Anisa Mottahed, the creator of Lacy Tomboy, a line of handcrafted jewelery made in Vancouver.

Sara L’estrange, using ink art to depict her journey from escaping abuse to building a life of safety, personal power, and freedom.

Melanie Bronwen Cookson, the creator of Sovka (“little owl” in Polish) Arts & Accessories that integrates chance, punk rock, contemporary and traditional First Nations art and earth elements.

Vancouver Women Artisans My Sister's Closet

To join our local women artisan program, please call Samantha 778-996-5451.


Safe & Welcoming Space for Community

Our boutique is also about providing a safe and welcoming space for community to engage with us and/or join our efforts in ending violence against women and girls. Information on our programs and services at BWSS, how you can support our ending violence work, and collaborating in events and fundraiser events are available at My Sister’s Closet.

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For more information about our Retail Program and thrift boutique, please call us at 778-996-5451.