Why Safety?

For women living with violence, safety changes everything…

At BWSS, we know for women living with violence, safety changes everything so we take action every day.

While reports of violent crime to police services is on the decline in Canada, domestic and sexual violence against women reports are actually increasing.

And that’s why we continue to work on the front-line, providing direct support to women and girls.


It’s why we’re in the field delivering training and education to raise awareness and skills helping increase capacity of communities to respond to instances violence against women.


It’s why we bring dating violence education through a one of a kind program reaching over 2,000 teenage boys and girls, annually.


It’s why we work systemically; helping bring change to laws, policies, and practices.

Our Victim Services Workers provide 100 appointments a month with 30–50 new intakes every week.

In March 2016, our crisis line received 660 calls, a lifeline to 33 callers a day.

Thank you for supporting the work to end violence against women.

Women supported through BWSS Victims Services are leaving abusive relationships now more than in any other time.

Together, let’s honour the courageous women and girls by remembering that safety changes everything.

Take Back Your Power

Planning for Safety in Abusive Relationships

Every week a woman in Canada is killed by her intimate partner. BWSS is working to change that.