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Battered Women’s Support services provides many opportunities for you support our mission

If you believe that all gender based violence must end, then check out our violence prevention opportunities for allies.
1. Donate

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, Battered Women’s Support Services is making a difference.

Your gift to BWSS helps us deliver support services to women survivors of violence every day on our crisis lines, in counselling, and in support groups. Your donation also allows us to work in the community to raise awareness and empower both women and men to take action to end violence.

Give to end violence.

2. Volunteer

Twice a year BWSS offers training for women who want to volunteer on our Crisis and Intake line to provide crisis support to women survivors of violence. Learn more about how you can volunteer your time.

3. Shop Online

My Sister’s Closet
As advocates of zero waste, eco-fashion and the thrift movement, we enable all genders to access beautiful new and second-hand clothing.

The power of a social enterprise fuels a large portion of the work we do. The stores— one on Commercial Drive, and one on Seymour Street and one online— diverted 68,000 pounds of fabric from landfills. We sell clothes and support zero-waste as a principle and play a role in the eco-fashion and thrift movements.

Learn more about our Social Enterprise My Sister’s Closet here or call us at 778-996-5451.


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Next step? Spread the word. Follow My Sister’s Closet and BWSS on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and our blog. From your computer you have the power to re-tweet and post our activity to your networks, find out what we are doing in our community, attend an event that we are at, share life-saving information and more.

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5. Learn

The first thing you can do to end violence against girls and women is educate yourself. The better informed you are, the better able you will be to end all form of violence. Below are some links to basic information, please see our resource section for more in-depth tools and resources.

What is Abuse?
The facts on violence against women
How Can I Help my Friend?
Safety Resource Card
How can BWSS help?
Further Resources

6. Subscribe

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Battered Women Support Services speaks to the power of community response.

The intake crisis line rings, and all the subsequent follow-up work that each call entails—crisis team involvement, support workers, legal advocacy, counsellors—function to support women and girls because of proactive community response.

We are privileged every day to see how women are breaking the silence of violence, seeking a safe space to share their experience, and empowering themselves.

Without your contributions, none of this would be possible. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Everyone deserves a life free from gender based violence

100% of your donation supports ending violence against women and girls.

Every week a woman in Canada is killed by her intimate partner. BWSS is working to change that.