Resources for Men committed to ending violence against Women

BWSS is committed to ending all forms of violence against women. As a part of BWSS’ ongoing commitment to ending violence, we continue to work with a variety of activists to develop new resources and initiatives that engage men in anti-violence work. Below are resources and articles that have been developed with and for men with the goal of ending all forms of violence against women.

Men Ending Violence BWSS


Male anti-violence activists

Read Jackson Katz’s Ten Things Men Can Do To Prevent Violence Against Women

Read Byron Hurt’s Top 10 List of Excuses We Men Make to Justify Violence Against Women


The Violence Stops Here

The Violence Stops Here is taking the anti violence message into the 21st century by using social media, online initiatives, training workshops and cultural events to urge men to own their role in ending violence against women (VAW) while raising funds and volunteer commitment to see the end of violence against women.

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BWSS | Every 5 days a woman in Canada is killed by her intimate partner