As we welcome the beginning of Prevention of Violence against Women Week, we are dedicated to garnering support to end gender-based violence in all its forms including intimate partner, domestic and sexualized violence. 

Throughout this week, we invite you to be engaged with BWSS as we continue to release resources and action steps on the prevention of violence against women.

Today, we share that our Violence Prevention and Intervention Training Spring Cohort 2024 will be start on Friday, May 17th and continues until August 2nd.  

For 45 years, BWSS Violence Prevention and Intervention Training Program has been at the forefront of providing highly esteemed ending violence education and volunteer training to individuals who are driven to make a genuine impact by supporting survivors of intimate partner, domestic and sexualized violence.

In this comprehensive and inclusive program, you will gain essential knowledge and skills that form the foundation of BWSS’s mission. You will develop theoretically advanced trauma and violence informed crisis intervention, safety assessment and planning, support group facilitation, criminal and immigration law, and more. 

Moreover, you will explore intersectional feminist, decolonizing, and anti-racism practices, fostering a deep understanding of the far-reaching impacts of colonization and residential schools.

Following the training participants complete a nine month practicum of least one four-hour shift weekly. This has proven to be an empowering opportunity to actively contribute to the effort against gender-based violence by supporting survivors on our crisis line, facilitating a support group, participating in community events, fundraising activities and more. 

By participating in this cohort, you take a significant step towards effecting positive change within our communities. For those of you who joined the Violence Prevention and Intervention Training program Spring cohort 2024. Your unwavering dedication and commitment to making a difference serve as an inspiration to us all.

Information about the training and volunteer commitment can be found here.

Applications are received on our website at this link here.

Violence Prevention and Interventions Training Spring 2024 Cohort