Through our Legal Services and Advocacy Program funded by the Law Foundation of BC, Battered Women’s Support Services (BWSS) has been offering legal support and information to battered women who are dealing with the Canadian legal system for over twenty years.

As part of our commitment to eradicate violence against girls and women we are continually working on law reform and supporting women in our community legal education through our publications.

It is impossible to only talk about Family Law in isolation from the other laws as the majority of women who access our services are interfacing with several areas of the law concurrently.

As part of our innovative work, we co-hosted a forum with West Coast LEAF and UBC law professor Susan Boyd Susan Boyd’s presentation: Women Violence BC New Family Law: Applying a Feminist Lens.


Topics of this talk include:

  • Background to the new Act
  • Overview of the Act
  • Emphasis on Dispute Resolution
  • Protection Orders
  • Parenting and Guardianship



  • Angela Marie MacDougall, Battered Women’s Support Services
  • Susan B. Boyd, UBC Faculty of Law
  • Laura Track, West Coast Women’s Legal Education & Action Fund
  • Agnes Huang, Barrister & Solicitor

You can access the presentation slide deck here: