Women’s Leadership and Training Initiative

Battered Women’s Support Services and local organizations host

Brainstorming Sessions

Women’s Empowerment & Violence Against Women

Session 1

Prince Rupert
Tuesday, October 14, 2008
10 am – 2 pm
Refreshments and Lunch Provided
Location:  Aboriginal Head Start – 313 Prince Rupert Blvd.

Session 2

Friday, October 17, 2008
10 am – 2 pm
Refreshments and Lunch Provided
Kitselas Administration Office
2225 Gitaus Road (at Gitaus), Terrace, BC.

For more information or to register
Call Fran at 604-687-1868 (collect calls accepted)
Or email at aboriginalwomensprogram@bwss.org

Women’s Leadership and Training Initiative

What’s this all about?

Battered Women’s Support Services seeks to hold brainstorming sessions with identified stakeholders to develop women’s leadership and training initiative in north west BC.  We are seeking to apply our years of experience in curriculum development and training delivery from a women-centered perspective to work with organizations/stakeholders in identified communities to develop and implement a leadership and training initiatives that are grounded in women’s empowerment, leadership and community development.  Where women can build on existing knowledge to seek their own healing and contribute to the healing of their communities.

BWSS believes strongly that women are the center of communities and to strengthen women is to strengthen communities.  We are not naïve and recognize the forces of oppression that are deeply entrenched and are resistant to change and yet, we believe in the power of women to create opportunities to meet challenges and overcome obstacles.  We believe in this because we see this every day.  We seek to share our knowledge and skills to further social justice from women’s perspective in communities in British Columbia.

With an emphasis on First Nations Women, we seek to collaborate with members of northern communities to integrate local ideas, knowledge, experience to the development and delivery of Women’s Leadership and Training Initiative.