by Kay Carlson

When you sit or lie very still you feel it, the life-giving beating of your heart. The beating of First Nation hand drums, made from hides of animals that also had beating hearts, merge with the heartbeats of the circle of First Nations women who come together every week to drum and sing as our ancestors have done for thousands of years. We are the Wildflower Drum Group of the Women of Turtle Island a program of Battered Women’s Support Services Indigenous Women’s Program.


The drumming and singing as a community of women always leaves us feeling better, no matter what problems we arrived with. How can such a simple act be so healing? Our Grandmothers knew that drumming and singing together is excellent medicine. They did not know the science why this is so, but they experienced the healing benefits. Every generation taught the next generation the songs and the importance of the circle of women as a community.

Today’s modern technology has shed light onto the many reasons the ancient ceremony of drumming circles is beneficial to health. In the growing field of energy medicine, it is well known that the Universe is created through patterns of frequency. Science is now documenting what traditional healers have known for centuries. Everything that exists in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realms does so on a vibratory basis. Vibrations are essential to life, and the frequency of vibrations of the molecules in a human form affects the health of the person. When we sing, the vibrations within us are improved. And healing vibrations from the drums reverberate through us, improving our sense of wellbeing. We regain our strength and sing loud and proud. Our voices join together as a vital unifying force.


The Wildflower Drum Group forms a caring community, concerned for the welfare of every woman in the circle. Our immune systems benefit when we laugh together, as shown in recent research. And when one in the group is in physical or emotional pain, we reach out to comfort her and let her know she is not alone.

The ancient practice of drumming and singing together is needed more than ever in our isolated consumeristic western lifestyle. Our children need to learn the songs and be given opportunities to form drumming circles for their good health. So let us take up our drums and sing together from our hearts. A circle of loving, healing hearts.


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