Men Ending Violence

Over the past six years, Battered Women’s Support Services has been pro actively working with men to urge men to own their role in ending violence against women.

The work has evolved where we have been implementing violence prevention actions that have included:

1. Social Media & Marketing
2. Internet Strategies
3. Workshops & Education
4. Cultural Events
5. Fundraising Activities

Our work has centred around recognizing that men relate to the issue of violence against girls and women in four interconnected & intersecting ways:

1. Men Who Use Power and Control in their relationships and interactions with girls and women (including physical and sexual violence)

2. Men Who Are Silent By-Standers

3. Men Who Are “Good Guys”

4. Activists

During National Crime Victim’s Awareness Week – April 10 – 17, BWSS will feature social media and web-based actions to further define these concepts while seeking engagement of men in being part of the solution.

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Please see the attached articles by men about owning the role to end violence against girls and women:

Health and Masculinity: Is Manhood Killing Us? By Tom Matlack

Spring Is No Excuse For Street Harassment By Hugo Schwyzer


One Response to Men Ending Violence

  1. I am here today because I really am trying to better myself. My name is Joseph Brian Wilson and was born in Hazelton, BC. I still have to wonderful and beautiful parents though have been seperated for twenty four years. As I wasn’t only a victim to a child who witnessed the abuse, I became the Crown prince. This time last year I was serving a six month sentence for assault against my common law wife, my third conviction. I can honestly say, no person, no matter who you are, wants to go to jail. I wouldn’t wish it on any soul. I am grateful for the stand my commonlaw wife took against me. I am grateful for what I have taken from all my experiences and am using them to educate myself. I really would like to educate men of this problem as well. In my opinion, there are not enough services here in the Skeena – Bulkley Valley for men as there are for women. I remember a guard teaching a class in jail and said there are not enough services for men. We need something like the John Howard Society for the Skeena – Bulkley Valley. I still can’t believe it is being swept under the carpet still like it was the 1960’s so to speak. I thank you for your cause to better both men and women.