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BWSS General Info Brochure

Battered Women’s Support Services provides free and confidential services for women experiencing abuse from abusive intimate relationships, childhood sexual abuse and adult sexual assault. We seek to empower the women who access our services, support her and work with her to resolve the issues surrounding abuse in a safe, judgement-free environment.

Volunteer Opportunities for Women

If you’re a woman who is enthusiastic, dependable and supportive, and if you like to listen and help others; work well within a team and believe that all violence against women must end, then we have place for you at BWSS. Volunteers are recruited and trained for various positions specific to each of BWSS’s programs and according to preferences and background.

Help Us To Empower Women Who Experience Violence

Find out more about what we do and how much your donation can help us provide support, education and advocacy to women who have experienced abuse and to work toward the elimination of violence against women in society.

Indian Residential Schools

Are you a woman who is a survivor of an Indian Residential School, or a family member of a survivor of an Indian Residential School? If so, the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement provides programs for survivors and their family members.

Wallet Sized Resource card

Wallet Size Card of Resource Contact Numbers for Women Facing Abuse. You deserve to live free from abuse. Contact BWSS with any question and we’ll support you to find solutions.

Advancing Women’s Awareness Regarding Employment

AWARE is one of the many ways that Battered Women’s Support Services works to eliminate all forms of violence and abuse against girls and women. We are here to provide a safe, women-centered space providing antioppressive, anti-colonial support and services treating women as the experts in their own lives.

Violence Against Non Status, Refugee and Immigrant Women

A woman-centred approach to managing the spectrum of needs from settlement to empowerment manual- is one of them. Though not meant to be conclusive, it is written as an exploration of ideas, to present recurring issues and to critique existing practices.

Safety Assessment and Safety Planning Tool for Women with Precarious Immigration Status, Refugees, Refugee Claimants and Immigrant Women

Safety Assessment and Safety Planning Tool

For Supporting Women with Precarious Immigration Status, Refugees, Refugee Claimants and Immigrant Women Facing Domestic Violence

How can I help my friend? PDF resource with domestic violence resources and transition house numbers

How Can I Help My Friend?

You may be the only person your friend can trust. This pamphlet explains how you can help, provides a list of transition houses with their contact numbers, and has contact information for BWSS.

When Battered Women Are Arrested - A Growing Problem

In recent years, Battered Women's Support Services has become increasingly alarmed by the growing number of women accessing our services who have been arrested for allegedly perpetrating domestic violence against their partners. In our experience these arrests are occurring despite the fact that in all cases women were in relationships where they were being abused.

When Battered Women are Arrested Spanish Version

When Battered Women are Arrested Punjabi Version

When Battered Women are Arrested Farsi Version

When Battered Women are Arrested English Version

A resource for women and advocates: Violence Against Women and the Law

Toolkit for Immigrant Women Working with a Lawyer: English Version

Toolkit for Immigrant Women Working with a Lawyer: Punjabi Version

Toolkit for Immigrant Women Working with a Lawyer: Farsi Version

More Legal Resources & Reports

The Legal Services and Advocacy Program at BWSS provides legal information, accompaniment to court and legal appointments, we appeal when legal aid has been denied and provide assistance for documents and affidavits preparation. BWSS legal services and advocacy work spans family, immigration, refugee, and criminal law as well as the Indian Act. As part of this advocacy we have written the following resources. Please click on the images below to download the full PDF version of the toolkit or manual.

Gender Persecution and Refugee Law Reform in Canada in response to The Balanced Refugee Reform Act (BILL C-11)

A Women’s Right to Legal Representation: A critical examination of Legal Aid in BC. n

The New Family Law Act and its Implications for Battered Women

The Indian Act & Aboriginal Women’s Empowerment: What Front Line Workers Need to Know

Every week a woman in Canada is killed by her intimate partner. BWSS is working to change that.