BWSS Black Women’s Program Presents: Spring Workshop Series


Beautiful Rage, A Workshop for Black Women 

Beautiful Rage is a workshop about Anger. And learning to understand The Value of My Anger and The Value of Myself.

To exist in black flesh, and carry the lived experience of black people carries an inherent Rage. To be so labeled and projected upon, and yet still so invisible and unseen. The intensity of this anger and grief often feels impossible to manage. Add intersections of being female or queer identified and the weight of these identifications takes a toll on our spirits. We crying out as every aspect of our uniqueness, beauty, and authenticity is hindered to successfully assimilate and prosper in a colonized society.

How do we manage? *How do we gain freedom? *How do we heal?

Let’s learn! Join us every Wednesday evening in March to Rage Beautifully, together!

Every Wednesday Evening in March 4th, 11th 18th & 25th from 6- 8 pm

The workshop is FREE, but registration is required. Please call 604-687-1987 or email to Register.

Beautiful Rage is a workshop for Black Women at BWSS