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Since 1979 BWSS has had a mandate in adult education, developed curriculum and delivered training workshops. Based on an empowerment model our curriculum is grounded in theoretical foundations, current research, practical skills. Our training models are designed to enhance awareness, knowledge and skills of participants.  Our trainers are on the cutting edge of analysis and service provision, each with years of experience, each committed to social change through education.

Strategic interventions

Battered Women Support Services Presents…

CORE Training

For Spring 2016, Battered Women’s Support Services is offering CORE Training as a five-day program of study through our Strategic Interventions Training for service providers. Delivered by trained facilitators who work from an empowerment model and from a feminist, anti-oppression perspective, our CORE Training will cover essential topics in order to better understand gender violence, sexual violence, the role of men, challenges to healing and advocacy opportunities to help move forward.

The goal of Strategic Interventions is professional development for front line workers, social service providers, advocates, community organizers and managers rooted in a Decolonizing, intersectional feminist analysis of violence against girls and women. Each of our Strategic Interventions offers training and events designed for individuals working in a helping capacity with women, girls, men, families where violence and abuse are present. CORE Training is our basic workshop series that offers a solid grounding of knowledge for those who are actively dealing with these issues.

Our established, gold star curriculum has trained thousands of people over the past 36 years. We know that employees hire graduates of our program which means that taking this CORE Training leads to increased employability. More importantly, our work helps women build strength and resiliency through better direct service delivery.

CORE Training will include the following workshop topics:

  • Historical, Legal and Social Context of Gender Violence
  • Violence in Intimate Relationships
  • Sexual Violence
  • The Role of Men
  • Gender Violence, Substance Use and Mental Health
  • Violence Against Women and the Law
  • Advocating for Effective Systemic Response
  • Moving Ahead

We look forward to welcoming you to our workshops for CORE Training which will be held during Prevention of Violence Against Women week.

DATE:           April 18 – 22, 2016
TIME:            10 am to 4 pm
LOCATION:   1092 Seymour Street, Vancouver BC (My Sister’s Closet)
DETAILS:      Refreshments will be provided
Small class size
COST:           $565.00

Please note:  Refunds are possible minus administrative fee of $50 up until April 12

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For more information contact Rona at or call 778-558-7179

Announcing Presenters for CORE Training

Battered Women’s Support Services has developed and delivered training curricula on violence against women for 36 years.  Our training programs deliver training and supervision to over 3,000 participants annually.

Our training programs are multi-media integrating video, music, photos, social media and the internet into our presentations. Our training sessions are inspiring and highly informing.

CORE training is an interactive, 5 day professional development program for front line workers, social service providers, advocates, community organizers and managers. We support support participants to explore collaborative solutions to local problems. Our training programs and forums elicit powerful endorsements from participants and presenters. Through this comprehensive skill based training program, participants will gain concrete skills to apply theoretical framework into practice.

Workshop topics include:

  • Historical, Legal and Social Context of Gender Violence
  • Violence in Intimate Relationships
  • Sexual Violence
  • The Role of Men
  • Gender Violence, Substance Use and Mental Health
  • Violence Against Women and the Law
  • Advocating for Effective Systemic Response
  • Moving Ahead

By the end of this highly experiential training, workshop participants will:

  • Gain skills in crisis intervention, risk assessment, safety planning, advocacy, and referrals,
  • Increase their understanding of best practices in both the clinical and community aspects of ending violence work,
  • Develop practical strategies and legal resources to better assist women in accessing justice,
  • Understand the importance of working with women who have experienced violence from an anti-oppression approach,
  • Develop an understanding and skills related to the importance of witnessing in gender violence intervention,
  • Understand the role of men in violence prevention. Participants will gain practical tools and strategies for breaking the silence and a promoting healthy masculine role.

You can acquire different tools and strategies that empower women, their families, and communities.


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Meet the presenters:

Angela Marie MacDougallAngela Marie MacDougall

Angela has worked to end violence against girls and women for 23 years as an advocate, front-line worker, activist, trainer and administrator. Angela’s impact includes curricula development and facilitation of core training programs covering direct service responses to women survivors for professional front-line workers. She has written numerous articles relating support work and counselling with women and girl survivors of gender violence.  While in collaboration, she developed empowerment and advocacy-based service delivery models grounded in strong theoretical frameworks, decolonizing, practices. Angela has a particular expertise supervising multi-racial, multi ethnic environments within high crisis/trauma work settings. Angela blogs at Ending Violence and currently, she is Executive Director of Battered Women’s Support Services. Angela lives in Vancouver, Canada

Rosa ElenaRosa Elena

Rosa is a strong advocate for social justice and social change and wildly passionate about her work which is framed in a narrative, feminist, anti-oppression, practice. Rosa Elena has been the manager of direct service and clinical practice with Battered Women’s Support Services for the last twelve years. She has been a faculty member with the Vancouver School for Narrative Therapy since 2012, and has been working in the anti-violence field for over sixteen years – delivering workshops on gendered violence to provincial, national and international service providers



Brandy Kane Brandy Kane

Brandy has been Indigenous Women’s Program Manager at Battered Women’s Support Services for over 2 years. She works from a wholistic, culturally appropriate framework, incorporating ceremony and medicines into her practice. Brandy is passionate about her work and chose this field because of her own story with family violence. Having to deal with many personal struggles as a result of colonization, Brandy overcame many obstacles and now works in a decolonizing and reclaiming framework that is empowering with the women she works with.



Vicky LawVicky Law

Vicky is a practicing lawyer at BWSS and the Legal Advocacy Program Coordinator. She supports women who have experienced violence and are involved in the legal system. Prior to working at BWSS, Vicky offered legal representation to women at a women’s legal clinic in Toronto in the areas of family, immigration and refugee, and child protection law. Vicky has been working in this area of law for the last 5 years to assist and support women fleeing violence.




Rona AmiriRona Amiri

Rona is a strong youth advocate and passionate about working to end men’s violence against women. She has worked with Battered Women’s Support Services in different capacities over the last few years. She continues her youth advocacy and prevention work as the Violence Prevention Coordinator at Battered Women’s Support Services.




Alternatively, you can help us to offer these important training services by making a donation today. We believe strongly that both education and training remain vital to our work to end violence against girls and women.


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