16 Steps for Discovery and Empowerment is a self-help group which can work in tandem with 12 Step programs.

The group welcomes all self-identified women…
• who have substance use issues or who have used substances as a coping strategy
• who are seeking more empowerment in their lives
• who are in a journey of self-discovery
• who are interested in exploring healthier relationships

Abstinence from substance use is not required in order to attend.

Every Thursday  1PM – 3 PM

Starting January 28 2016
Each week we explore a step to help us in the journey of self awareness, self discovery and resilience. This is a closed support group and we will be accepting new participants within the first three weeks. At its core, this model is based on love, not fear, internal control not external authoritarianism, affirmation not deflation and trust in the ability of people to find their own healing path when given education, support, hope and choices*.

For more information and/or to join the group, please call 604.687.1867 or email daniela@bwss.org

You can download poster here

To learn more about BWSS support groups, please visit this page.

Intrinsic to women’s empowerment, support groups at BWSS are made possible with the financial contributions from people like you.




* Charlotte Kasl http://charlottekasl.com/16-step-program/