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As advocates of zero waste, eco-fashion and the thrift movement, we enable all genders to access beautiful new and second-hand clothing. Revenue generated from the sales of clothing help fund violence prevention and intervention services operated by Battered Women’s Support Services supporting close to 32,000 requests we received in the last year.

“The staff of My Sister’s Closet were friendly and knowledgeable and shared right away about their mission to support BWSS. The prices were comparable to big thrift stores and there was a full range of sizes! If I lived in Vancouver, this would be a regular thrifting destination and I plan to visit in the future.”

The Spirited Thrifter

“With the start of the new year in full swing, it is time for a new you! I am changing my go-to outfits by sourcing unique, vintage pieces from My Sister’s Closet… their collections and really speak to my sense of style.”
Natalie Langsto

Canadian Television Personality and Lifestyle, Fitness & Health reporter.

“II don’t get back to Vancouver often, but when I do, the first thing I do is visit My Sister’s Closet! Many of my wardrobe staples come from this fabulous and community focused boutique and so I always jump at the chance to pick up some great pieces and support the community as well.”
Anthea Tsoukalas

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Every week a woman in Canada is killed by her intimate partner. BWSS is working to change that.