A mother leans over to hug her smiling young child in their comfortable home.

Thank you for making this possible!

We are overwhelmed by the gravity of our community members, who have come together to do what some thought would not be possible: raising the funds needed to open BWSS’ Second-Stage Housing for women and children fleeing from violence.

Thank you so much to all the amazing donors—67 strong—who were inspired to demonstrate unwavering support of survivors in our community! Your support propelled us far beyond our goal to raise $4,468,082.97 for the Second-Stage Housing Program at BWSS.

Since 1994, we have sustained a vision to expand the work at BWSS to provide safe housing for women survivors of intimate partner, domestic, and sexualized violence. Today, because of you, this vision is a reality.

In Fall 2024, we will welcome 10 families into the BWSS Second-Stage Housing Program and need to furnish these empty apartments. We have 3 months, and we need your help to turn this housing into a home by raising the final $150,000 for furnishings for all 10 units before we open our doors in the Fall.  


Why Support a Home?

What makes a house a home? Is it the couch where you can unwind, the rug that adds warmth? Or is it a sense of security and belonging that fills the space when you know you are finally safe?

Many victims who have accessed BWSS have experienced violence in their homes with their children, where dishes were smashed, holes were punched in the walls, or personal items were broken or stolen.

Imagine having to flee an abusive household where you were trapped. For survivors of intimate partner violence, transforming a house into a safe home is a crucial part of rebuilding their lives.

Will you help make a house a home?

Your gift today, whether it’s $30, $250, or any amount you can offer, will create a loving, inviting environment for survivors to re-establish a safe space in their lives. Your gift will provide a thoughtfully furnished home for rest and relaxation, allowing survivors to reconnect with themselves and their families.

With your support, we can make this house a home filled with compassion and comfort, supporting survivors as they create new, positive memories and heal.

Please donate today and make this house a home!

Why We Are Providing Housing

Since 1994, BWSS has envisioned the day when we can expand on our mission by providing housing for women. We’ve patiently awaited the right opportunity as we never wanted to grow for the sake of growth but rather to make the best of…

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