Battered Women's Support Services Support Group

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In Re-writing Our Stories: Women’s Stories, women will be invited to explore their stories and reexamine the stories that they have been told about themselves, their gender, their social location, relationships, cultural beliefs and so forth.

This Support Group Will:

  • Create a safe space for women to explore and make meaning of what matters to them
  • Foster curiosity and appreciation of women’s resistance
  • Empower women to re-write their own stories

This group will be structured based on three components:

  • Breathing and grounding body exercises
  • Narrative conversations
  • Simple writing exercises (writing skills are not necessary and support will be provided)


10 Weeks starting September 12, 2013

For registration and information call the Crisis & Intake Line at 604.687.1867


Battered Women’s Support Services in Vancouver (for confidentiality purposes please call us to obtain the address)
Assistance with bus tickets is available.

Intrinsic to women’s empowerment, Support Groups at BWSS are made possible with the financial contributions from people like you. Make a donation here.

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