Violence Prevention and Intervention Training

Crisis Line and Intake Volunteer Program Application

Have a look at the training requirements and apply to join us.

This application form is one way for you to tell us about your experiences, beliefs, and skills that might make you a suitable candidate for participating in our training program and becoming a volunteer at BWSS.

Our training is provided from a feminist anti-oppression perspective and recognizes the importance of working from a decolonizing and intersectional framework. At BWSS, it is necessary to be open to learning about your own and other women’s experiences from this point of view.

Feel free to answer these questions in any way you feel personally comfortable. Answering the questions will help you and us to see how well the training will work for you.

Please submit your completed application form by email to [email protected] or fax: 604-687-1864.

While we appreciate all interest in the training, please be aware that only short-listed applicants will be contacted.

Applications that are not short-listed are not kept on file by BWSS. Applicants who are not short-listed are encouraged to apply again for future trainings and volunteer opportunities.

We look forward to hearing from you!

  • This training is very intense and explores different topics, such as racism, colonialism, classism, heterosexism, ableism, cis-sexism, sexual abuse, sex work experiences, substance use, and poverty, among others. Women in training are asked to reflect on their own feelings, beliefs, and experiences around a number of different topics.
  • At BWSS, we work from a Reproductive Justice framework and support women’s self-determination over their bodies. Crisis Line & Intake Volunteers work from this perspective in order to provide peer counseling, information, and referrals to women facing a range of decisions, feelings, and experiences with sexual and reproductive health. Please describe your own feelings, beliefs, and experiences relating to women’s self-determination and reproductive health.
  • This training is time consuming and is a big commitment. We would like to know a little bit about what other things you are doing.
  • We are looking for committed volunteers who can attend the full 12 weeks of training and who are prepared to make the volunteer commitment afterwards. Women will also be asked to begin their volunteer orientation and practicum during the final weeks of training to enhance your learning process and to ensure your readiness to begin answering the Crisis & Intake Line once the training is completed. Please let us know what shifts you are available to commit to for your weekly shift.
  • I understand and address to the following principles and practices. I understand that the following are necessary to maintain a quality of service to clients and the community. CONFIDENTIALITY will be strictly observed by all workers. Discussion of confidential information regarding clients shall be conducted in places which assure privacy, and only amongst other BWSS leaders, staff, and volunteers. Confidential information will not be discussed with family or friends of any client without the client's prior knowledge. Counselling files are the property of BWSS and may not leave the office without permission from the Executive Director. In the event of my withdrawal or resignation, I will keep confidential all information gained through my experiences with BWSS.