Building an organization that is culturally competent and integrates cultural safe practices has been the work at BWSS since we first began acknowledging colonization as a defining geopolitical force in 1996.  The layers of exploration and awareness and behaviour changes began structurally thereafter and in 2004, we designated positions to be held by Indigenous women only.  The creation of services and programs delivered by and for Indigenous women has included the inclusion of Indigenous women in all areas of BWSS.

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Since 2012, Battered Women’s Support Services has been privileged to have the leadership of Brandy Kane.  Brandy Kane joined our team bringing a powerful vision of change to our work through direct services involving Elders, counselling, victim services, legal advocacy, Talking Circles, a women’s hand drum group called Wildflower Women of Turtle Island, and through holistic practices using traditional medicines and ceremony.  Her work has included systemic advocacy as she has worked nationally and provincially to address systemic causes of violence against Indigenous women and girls.

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“We are healing from violence and trauma, reclaiming our rightful roles as strong Indigenous women in our community, finding our voices and standing strong in our power.” Brandy Kane

Brandy joined BWSS during a pivotal time in our organizational development and has had a powerful role in helping shape our health and development individually and organizational.

Brandy has been accepted into a PhD program and will leave BWSS in July.  We are thrilled for her as she achieves another step in her personal vision.  We say farewell to an incredible leader at BWSS.


“During my time at BWSS I have had the privilege to witness women on their journey of courage, strength, and healing.  And an honour to work with so many women who are committed to ending violence against girls and women. I am truly sad to be leaving.”

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