On May 9, 2018, Battered Women’s Support Services hosted a very special evening for a passing of the quilt celebration at My Sister’s Closet (MSC). MSC social enterprise of BWSS, received a generous donation of fabric and worked with a team of quilters led by Bobbie (MSC volunteer) who created a gorgeous quilt.  The quilt was presented as a gift to our colleagues at Sage Transition House in honour of women.

BWSS is grateful for our collaborations with community based organizations throughout BC, in other regions of Canada and internationally. For us at BWSS, collaborations mean connecting with other women, building and sharing wisdom as a community. It also means honouring the important and diverse work that others are doing which strengthens our support of women and girls in our community and beyond. We appreciate the work that is being done for women’s safety, equity and empowerment but organizations who do so much with so little.

Sage Transition House remains one of our partners who provide critical response for women fleeing relationship violence. We were honoured to share this beautiful gift with them.

Quilting and Starblanket making is an incredible art and skill that has never ceased to exist in our human experience.  The usefulness of quilts has also contributed to their continued existence, creating warmth, strength and recycling materials.  The quilting circle continues as a place where revolutionary people convene, strategize and renew.

Here are some photos of the heart-warming event.

Margaret Harman, Program Director at North Shore Crisis Services Society

Margaret Harman, Laura Reynolds, Executive Director of SAGE transition house and MSC volunteer Bobbi Yoshihara