BWSS confidential location creates the space to do the important work of finding and securing safety. Confidentiality creates safety and safety changes everything.

BWSS has developed innovative ways to protect the confidential information of women accessing our services and programs.

BWSS maintains a confidential location for our services, as well as the names and addresses of all women who access our services to prevent abusive partners from finding their victims.

There is an increasing understanding that women living with domestic violence are at serious risk from their abusive partners and that their abusive partners spend much of their time monitoring and harassing them. 


One in three women was abused by an intimate partner at some time in her life.

Furthermore, the assumption that a woman will be safe when she leaves her abuser is false when one examines the domestic homicide statistics.

Women fleeing domestic violence or stalking may have to leave their job, their community, and their circle of friends to relocate to a safe place.

Moreover, advancing internet technologies and the release of personal information by government agencies, courts, and corporations make it easier than ever for an abusive partner to find and continue to abuse his victim.

At BWSS, we take great effort to prevent any third party such as police, lawyers, courts, housing providers, medical personnel from frustrating our confidentiality practice and protocol through their requests for the confidential information of women who access our services. 

Confidentiality creates safety and safety changes everything.

This season, give the gift of safety.


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