Happy Mother’s Day to all who nurture, teach, protect and help the young ones grow up. Your love is a beautiful and healing force to be reckoned with…

Battered Women’s Support Services

Did you know…?

  • One in every three women in BC has experienced violence
  • A million women are assaulted/sexually assaulted in Canada each year
  • One in every five women abused by a partner is assaulted during pregnancy in Canada
  • A million children in Canada have witnessed violence against their mother
    For women and children who survive violence, the consequences can include lasting effects of emotional trauma, injury, or permanent disability. Violence against women and girls cannot be ignored. Violence diminishes all of us and our communities.
  • 80% of boys who witness their mothers abuse grow up to be abusive in their relationships with women

“I witnessed my father beating my mother. Now as a new father, I am responsible. Violence will not be my legacy. Thank you Battered Women’s Support Services for helping my mom.” – David

The Violence Stops Here

BWSS believes every woman has the right to be safe and live free from violence.

BWSS provides free and confidential support and empowerment to women in abusive intimate relationships, survivors of childhood sexual abuse, and adult sexual assault. BWSS offers safe space for women to freely express themselves and get support throughout their journey.

Become a supporter of BWSS! Your donation will go directly to the services and programs BWSS offers to thousands of girls and women each year. By donating to BWSS, you are investing in women and girls being safe and free from violence.

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And at My Sister’s Closet – social enterprise of Battered Women’s Support Services

Honoring Our Mothers

Each day at BWSS My Sister’s Closet we honor our Mothers. For the month of May, we give you the chance to do the same!

With a donation, you can fill in a bloom to honor the Mother in your life.

All donations go to support the critical services & programs of BWSS.

Thank you! Samantha, Manager

For more information please contact:
E-mail ela@bwss.org

Business line 604.687.1868
Intake/Crisis Line 604.687.1867
Toll Free 1.855.687.1868
Fax 604.687.1864

Please mail your contributions to:
P.O. Box 21503
1424 Commercial Dr.
Vancouver, BC V5L 5G2




Since 1979, Battered Women’s Support Services has been empowering girls and women through its program and servicesincluding community educationsupport servicesviolence prevention and advocacy.