BWSS Safety Changes Everything

Vancouver, B.C. – The Downtown Vancouver Coalition for Women’s Safety announces a community forum, today, December 18, 2017.

Dawson Davidson, a very dangerous serial rapist has been released from prison and is now staying in a halfway house in the downtown Vancouver area. The violence that he has done towards women over his lifetime has been horrific and the criminal justice system has released him into the community, under the jurisdiction of the Vancouver Police Departments high risk offender unit and is staying in a halfway house non-governmental organization.

Davidson recently completed a two-year sentence for sexual assault and was assessed by Correctional Services Canada at a moderate to high risk of reoffending. He has conditions not to be alone with any women, sex workers and not be in the Downtown Eastside. The coalition is concerned because he is currently being housed in such close proximity to vulnerable women and children.

“The forum will have speakers from community based organizations, police and also concerned individuals in the community. “This is an opportunity for us as a community to discuss what it means to have this type high risk community member in our midst in the context of #MeToo”, says Angela Marie MacDougall, Executive Director of Battered Women’s Support Services.

“Community organizing can be powerful and effective in addressing gender based violence”, says Rona Amiri, Violence Prevention Coordinator at Battered Women’s Support Services, “through awareness and action together we can discuss community based responses to violence against women and women’s safety”.

The Coalition believes while combating gendered violence, women in this community to be supported to be able to live safe and healthy lives.

Who: Downtown Vancouver Coalition for Women’s Safety

What: Community Forum

When: December 18, 2017 6PM- 8PM

Where: Vancouver Community College, 250 West Pender Street. Room 240




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