On Engaging Men for the Prevention of Violence against Women – Focus Group, Conducted and Reported by Harry Stefanakis, Ph.D.

The focus group was created with the purpose of acquiring knowledge on how to engage men in prevention work. More specifically the purpose of this focus group was to build an understanding of what prevention messages would resonate with men in general and men from marginalized communities specifically. To this end participants engaged in a three hour focused discussion.


Taking a Hard Look at Ourselves & Creating Change for the Future by Curtis Clearsky

Discussion between men and boys – How do you think you have been influenced to behave as a man? How does that contribute to violence against women? How can we individually create change towards ourselves, women and men? How can we create change collectively?

Emerge Vancouver – Hip-Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes a film by Byron Hurt – presented by Battered Women’s Support Services and Vancity Theatre (2008)

Battered Women’s Support Services (BWSS) hosted a special showing of Byron Hurts’ acclaimed film Hip-Hop: Beyond Beats & Rhymes. An official selection of the 2006 Sundance Film Festival Hip-Hop: Beyond Beats & Rhymes provides a riveting examination of representations of manhood in hip-hop culture. Byron Hurt, former college quarterback, gender violence prevention educator and longtime hip hop fan will be in Vancouver and will be joined by Chuck D. Chuck D is an American rapper, author, and producer. He helped create politically and socially conscious rap music in the late 1980s as the leader of the rap group, Public Enemy.


Tough Guise: Violence, Media and the Crisis in Masculinity by Jackson Katz – presented by Battered Women’s Support Services and the Urban Women’s Anti-Violence Strategy (2009)

This 1999 video featuring Jackson Katz examines the relationship between images in popular culture and the social construction of male identities in the United States — of which media messages play a large role. Katz’ recent book, “The Macho Paradox,” is a way supplement aging examples seen in “Tough Guise.” The video identifies several cultural developments in the last 30 years that are in part responsible for the current levels of date rape, domestic violence and school shootings. Media are crucial to constraining men to seeing violent masculinity as the cultural norm — there is a growing connection in society between being a man and being violent (lots of statistics about men being the violent ones — 85% of murders are by men; 95% domestic violence is by men; 99% of rapes in prison are by men, etc.). Abused boys tend to grow up to take on that role.

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The Violence Stops Here. www.theviolencestopshere.ca

Troy Westwood – Little Hawk, Byron Hurt among the few to raise awareness to a male audience about violence against women http://abortmag.com/index.php?s=troy+westwood&sbutt.x=0&sbutt.y=0&sbutt=Go