As a result of the impact of colonization it has been important for BWSS to be a culturally competent organization that integrates cultural safe practices. For over a decade BWSS has had positions designed to be held specifically by Indigenous women only. The creation of services and programs delivered by and for Indigenous women is included in all areas of BWSS programs and services.

Programs and services for the Indigenous Women’s Program are designed to support Indigenous women who have experienced violence and/or abuse, to heal from the legacy of colonization, the effects and intergenerational effects of residential schools. Our prevention and intervention services include counselling, victim services, legal advocacy, support groups, Talking Circles and women’s hand drum group called Wildflower Women of Turtle Island and specialized support for elders and youth. The work also includes systemic advocacy to address systemic causes of violence against Indigenous women and girls.


Indigenous women inform all aspects of BWSS’ services programming and advocacy and governance through participation as volunteers staff, leadership team and Board of Directors.

 Indigenous Women's Program

We are happy to announce that Terriea Harris has stepped into the role of Manager for the Indigenous Women’s Program. As manager Terriea over sees the various programs and services for Indigenous women who access BWSS services.  Terriea believes in Indigenous ways of healing through culture and ceremony and her passion is supporting women stepping into their power through Holistic, decolonizing and traditional healing practices. She is actively and passionately involved with the ceremonial Indigenous community, and has acquired teachings from elders, medicine people and other knowledge keepers on her path.