The holiday season can be a stressful time for many of us. This time of year can be even harder for the many women we work with who are dealing with the impacts of violence and abuse.

Many women accessing our programs and services do not get the opportunity to relax and celebrate amidst the seasonal rush to get everything done… pressures to decorate the home, coordinate gatherings, prepare meals, and more. For women experiencing the impacts of violence and abuse, isolation and financial crunch, along with the desire to make the holidays the best they can for their families, add additional layers of pressure.

This holiday season, support the Battered Women’s Support Services Holiday Hamper Program and make a difference by sponsoring the holiday Wish List of a woman accessing BWSS programs.

When you give to our women during this time of year, you are helping them and their families experience a brighter holiday season. The Holiday Hampers made possible through generous donations help to decrease the stress women feel around this time of year.

B5RsibDCUAAuY5cAs a sponsor, you will receive a detailed Wish List on behalf of a woman and her family, including her special wish, the number and ages of any children, and their special wishes. We work with women in diverse family structures, including single women as well as mothers. Sponsors will be matched with women based on how many people the sponsor can provide for. Gift cards of $100 (single dinner) and $200 (family dinner) will be accepted to sponsor women whose special wish includes a turkey dinner. There is no stipulation on the amount that needs to be spent on other items. No matter the size or cost of the items you purchase, you will change a woman’s holiday season.

Hampers must be delivered to Battered Women’s Support Services by Friday, December 18. This ensures that each woman has enough time to pick up their hamper and shop for their holiday meal. Gifts should be wrapped or wrapping paper provided with the hamper.

To sponsor a woman’s Holiday Wish List, please contact Jamie Rich at 604-687-1868 ext. 317 or email