Wildflower, Women of Turtle Island Drum Group was started by Brandy Kane, former Indigenous Women’s Program Manager when she joined the team in 2012.

Wildflower, is a hand drum group that meets weekly. Together, healing from trauma, finding our voices and standing strong in our power through drumming and singing.  Many nations believe song and dance are sacred, and the drum beat itself is often referred to as the heartbeat of Mother Earth.

The drum group has grown immensely since its start and is often asked by local community and beyond to drum and sing at events, bringing empowerment and healing to the community.

The above photo of Wildflower, Women of Turtle Island Drum Group was taken at Fair in the Square, an annual event hosted by our friends at Central City Foundation.

Central City Foundation also held the Hope Dialogue Series focusing on Women in the Inner City, which was led by the women leaders of our community discussing how we can work together in new ways to make changes, to improve women’s lives and build hope in our community.

For more information or to join the Wildflower, Women of Turtle Island Drum Group, email Summer Rain at summer@bwss.org.