The following is an excerpt of Invisible Girl Rants blog about BWSS Social Enterprise MSC 1092 and My Sister’s Closet

More Weirdness, Courtesy of Me
Monday, July 14, 2008
Aha, another ‘weird’ store for the unique (and frugal minded) fashionistas out there!

MSC 1092 or My Sister’s Closet – 1092 Seymour Street

Style: Urban chic at Value Village prices. My finds were a Mexx dress for $22, and a gossamer, red blouse for $18. The gal minding the store was friendly and uber helpful (dressed fantabuously too!). The store itself is well organized, with touches of jewellery or must-have shoes accenting the clothes. The selection is a good mix of label, local and anything funky.

How: As usual, on my way to meet 2 friends for brunch, I spotted the store after exiting the bus at Seymour and Helmcken. I should have kept walking north towards Smithe to make it on time, but It was literally in front of my path, how could I not check it out? It was well worth the distraction, the prices are phenomenal. Yes, I was late getting to Subeez, but I was still the first one there since my friends were also late. Hehe, I win!

Location: Oui, there is more than one. 1029 Commercial Drive and 1092 Seymour. The Commercial Drive location is larger and boasts a home decor section. I personally prefer the intimacy of the Seymour locale.

Background: I’m giving more details on this one because it appeals to my bleeding heart. Profits from each sale automatically goes to Battered Women’s Support Services (BWSS). The clothes are not sold via consignment, but by donation only. Both stores are also volunteer run. For more info on donations, volunteering, or history of BWSS, visit the website here.

P.S. I have found the purrfect store, one that marries my sense of social justice with pretty things. Awh.