The allegations of sexual harassment and sexual assault perpetrated by Harvey Weinstein led to a powerful social media campaign, with Twitter feeds flooded with the hashtag #MeToo.  Within a day, millions of survivors from around the world, participated in this online dialogue, publicly sharing their experiences of sexual harassment and assault, demonstrating how pervasive sexual violence.

The Union of British Columbia Performers (UBCP/ACTRA) an autonomous branch of ACTRA (Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists) heard from their members about sexual violence and harassment, and held town halls to discuss what was happening locally in the BC film and TV industry. BWSS was thrilled to be approached to support their members through 100% confidential support services to members of the union who have experienced physical, sexual violence and/or sexual harassment through their work in the Film and TV Industry. Services include a dedicated crisis line, a dedicated counsellor and an ongoing support group.

Town Hall meetings were also set up to male-identified survivors and BWSS connected UBCP/ACTRA with The British Columbia Society for Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse where they now hold support group meetings for union members.