Gender discrimination continues to play out in all areas of life for women identified folks and femmes. A new poll has found that the majority of women (almost 60%) in British Columbia have experienced discrimination on account of their gender.

More than one-in-four women in British Columbia have expereinced verbal or sexual harassment. 

At least one-in-five women in the province have experienced poor customer service, sexist jokes and unfair treatment in the workplace.

In addition, 17% of women have been mocked or ridiculed and 12% lost a potential employment opportunity because of their gender.

71% of women aged 18-to-34 have experienced at least one of the 12 negative incidents tested in the survey, compared to 66% among women aged 35-to-54 and 44% among women aged 55 and over.

Women who reside in Southern BC were more likely to report being mocked or ridiculed because of their gender (26%), while those in Northern BC were more likely to have been treated unfairly in the workplace (27%).


Results of this study are based on online polling that was conducted from December 12 to December 16, 2019, and from January 21 to January 24, 2020, among 800 adult women in British Columbia. 

BWSS has been providing programs, services, support, and advocacy to end gender based violence. Now, more than ever women, trans women and femmes are speaking out about their experiences. While societal attitudes are shifting, this new report is another reminder that our work must continue and that we still have a long road ahead before there is gender equity.