My Sister’s Lab


Reuse discarded clothing and create new clothing and crafts!

A sewing area and workshops are now offered at My Sister’s Closet Boutique located at 1029 Commercial Drive in Vancouver to anyone in the community who is interested.

The project promotes sustainability, responsible consumerism, and creative thought.
It also helps practicing artisans to achieve their personal goals and encourages women to develop economic self-sufficiency.
People from the community can sign in to use the space, and can also fill in an application to instruct or learn sewing.

Do you enjoy sewing? Do you like to socialize with other people who sew? Would you like to use our space and sewing machines? Would you like to deconstruct clothing to create splendid new garments that you design and create?


    The sewing area is available seven days a week, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.
    The capacity of the sewing area is for up to eight people at a time. You will need to sign up to reserve a space for yourself when you will need it.
    You will need to provide your own sewing supplies.
    If you need it, at a cost of $2 per item, you will be able to choose clothing for your projects from our recycling.
    If you want, you can sign up to instruct one-on-one, hour-long classes once or twice a week

Please contact for more information.