The following is a conversation three men had on a Facebook page of a Battered Women’s Support Services staff woman in response to this post:

National Crime Victims Awareness Week begins today We’re urging men to own their role to end violence against women

Here is the conversation between WL, JG and GM:

WL:  It is not just men that should own the role, children are not conceived by woman on woman, besides, I know women more violent than men, I will honor the week, and it is a shared responsibility by all

JG:  Be real brother and face the facts. A majority of the violence in this society is committed by men. Just because you know some violent women does not negate the fact the it is men who are the abusers at a far greater rate than women abusing anyone. The responsibility for most of the violence in our world can and should be placed squarely on the shoulders of men. I invite you WL see the light and work to stop the violence men carry out against women, child and each other.

GM:  hey folks the words read " own their role to end violence…" soooooooooooo cmon men let’s all take steps in our role to end the violence not chat about it….let us as men all work together to remove this barrier to peaceful existence for all beings….it starts with ourselves and our actions in the world…..peace

WL:  It’s a shared responsibility, I care and respect women, but to me its a shared responsibility, shared responsibility

JG:  Can I be much clearer. Men, our gender are the abusers and most violent ones. Wars are started and fought mostly by men, most physical abusers are men. most violence in society is perpetrated by men and most victims of crime are victims of acts by men. Women cannot be held responsible for male crime and violence. It is never the victim who is responsible for crime committed against them.  Until men accept these fact the violence will go on

WL:  Wars are lost because of ones belief, it takes everyone to be victorious, the more critical you become, the wider the divide, and the more discriminating you sound, if you hate men that much, you will stand alone, I made a commitment years ago, and change is good, and success without hate is better than been alone, we don’t put a bullet in every wounded horse heal and nurture it to health. Condemnation is for other people, not for me

JG:  I do not hate men I just want men to own the violence committed by men and take responsibility to put an end to this. Stating fact is not condemnation but a celebration of truth. So WL, I am your brother as a man but you and I as all men need, to work to stop male violence.

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