Online and Cell Phone Safety Planning

Safety is always at the center of our work at Battered Women’s Support Services. You may call BWSS Crisis & Intake Line at 604-687-1867 or toll free at 1-855-687-1868 for support and information.

If you are in an abusive relationship, remember that reading or researching online may also present risks, you can log off the page quickly by clicking the EXIT button on the of the page.



The following steps are my plan for increasing my safety online and on my phone.

To increase my safety, I can do (some or any of) the following

  1. I will set all my online profiles to be as private as they can be.
  2. I will save and keep track of any abusive, threatening or harassing comments or posts.
  3. I will never give my password to anyone.
  4. I will change my usernames, email addresses, passwords and/or cell phone number if the harassment does not stop.
  5. I will delete/block any followers who harass me
  6. I will only accept friend requests/followers from people I know
  7. I will not share my phone number or home address on my profile
  8. I will report fake profiles
  9. I will only post things that I am comfortable with the public seeing
  10. If someone posts a private photo of me online without my permission I will: report it to the police, tell a teacher/counselor, tell a parent/ guardian, call a crisis line, report online, other: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  11. I will not answer calls or text messages from unknown, or blocked numbers.
  12. I will see if my phone company can block my abusive partners’ phone number from calling my phone.
  13. When he calls and I feel threatened I will: (Screen your calls with voice mail?)(Change your phone number?) _________________________________________________________
  14. I will save any information that suggests a violent threat
  15. If I choose to contact the police I will do my best to provide specific details such as any tangible evidence collected.
  16. Telephone Numbers I Need to Know:

RCMP/ Local Police Department: _______________________________

Counselor: _______________________________

Victim Service Worker: _______________________________

Battered Women’s Programs: _______________________________

Crisis Line: _______________________________

Work Number: _______________________________

Lawyer: _______________________________

Other: _______________________________

You can download Personalized Safety Plan here.

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