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May 24, 2017



Vancouver, B.C. –Late afternoon on May 19 three new charges were laid against Detective Constable Jim Fisher, former Detective with the Vancouver Police Departments counter exploitation unit. Charges include two counts of sexual assault and one count breach of trust.

Earlier this year Detective Constable Jim Fisher was arrested and charged with three counts of sexual exploitation, one count of sexual assault, one count of breach of trust and one count of attempt to obstruct justice; against two young women one whom was under age.

“This is part of a rape culture that allows men especially men in positions of power, such as Fisher, to get away with sexist attacks on women and girls with near impunity.  Men in positions of authority should be held even more accountable because their stature and position of trust held in the community” said Angela Marie McDougall Executive Director, BWSS “It is an atrocious betrayal to women when men who commit themselves to protect and serve vulnerable populations, and have pledged to ending violence and exploitation commit those very crimes. It is imperative that we hold men accountable, especially men who have committed to ending violence against women”.

It is essential that the Vancouver Police Department acknowledge and eliminate the ingrained culture of sexism, colonialism and racism within the department that allows predators like Detective Fisher to misuse their power and position of trust to gain sexual access to those very women and girls he swore an oath to protect. New protocols and policies are required to ensure policing of gender based violence leaves no women or girls in a position to have their heightened vulnerability preyed upon by men like Detective Fisher.

The Vancouver Police Department’s counter-exploitation unit is responsible for and responds to cases involving sexual exploitation/ human trafficking along with online exploitation of children and, child luring and child pornography.  Jim Fisher used his badge and delegation of power in this specially designed unit to gain access to these specific women and girls in which he was in a position of trust and a figure of authority assigned to investigate the exact assaults he is currently facing charges for.

“We are not surprised that new charges have been laid against Detective Fisher. It was unlikely that it would have been an isolated incident” said Jeannette MacInnis BWSS Board of Directors board member, “We want the strong, courageous, young women who have come forward and spoke out about the grave acts of violence perpetuated by Detective Fisher to know that we stand beside and in solidarity with each of them”.

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