#SurvivorLoveLetter started as a call to survivors of sexual violence and their loved ones to publicly celebrate life and living. Through sharing stories of survival #SurvivorLoveLetter seeks to build knowledge and reflect on ways we heal ourselves and our communities.

February 14th is known around the world as Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day customs have evolved to represent the celebration of love and friendship. Additionally, in recent decades Valentine’s Day has become increasingly commercialized and a popular gift-giving event, with Valentine’s Day themed advertisements encouraging spending on loved ones. For women dealing with violence in their relationships Valentine’s Day can be a painful reminder of loss, grief and disconnection. Survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence have to face so many myths and misunderstandings about their experience.

Survivor love letter

Survivor Love Letter

Join us and flood the internet with love for survivors using the hashtag #survivorloveletter

To write a #survivorloveletter
You can submit it to the campaign hosted on tumblr by emailing your letter to tani.ikeda@gmail.com

survivor love letter tumblr

You can stop by My Sister’s Closet (located at 1092 Seymour Street, Vancouver) write your letter and hang it on the tree or post it on the window.

survivor love letter my sister's closet

survivor love letter my sister's closet

You can email your letter to endingviolence@bwss.org and to be shared on our Facebook Page.