The Violence Stops Here – Men Stopping Violence

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Here’s what men are saying about The Violence Stops Here campaign

“Violence against women is not a woman’s issue. This is a man’s issue. We, as men, are responsible for subjecting women to violence and abuse. The women are victims because of our actions. We must profoundly change the way we conduct ourselves on a daily basis, until the time comes where we at all times act with kindness and respect in every situation as it relates to all women around us.”

Troy Westwood – Little Hawk

“Working with men and boys is essential to ending violence against women. It’s one of the key things you can do to promote safety for women victims/survivors experience with male violence. As a strategy, it helps men transform and challenge sexist, misogynist and patriarchal attitudes beliefs and the systems that uphold and condone male violence. “

–Quentin Walcott

“Violence against women is a non genetic, generational problem. It is not a disease – it is a chosen behaviour. Unfortunately, what happened to my mother is not that unusual, even in Canada”

Christopher Ducharme

“Recently, I spoke to your new campaign "The Violence Stops Here". I truly believe that men need to step up and advocate, and I am so pleased that the Battered Women’s Support Services is taking this issue into the 21st Century and recognizing that this issue is something that Women and Men need to work together to fix. That it is a men’s issue, and we are allies in this…Thank you…I am a survivor..I lived thru violence against my Mama…and have refused to be my Father…and have educated my sons. I pledge to commit to spreading this campaign..and I pledge to enforce it in my life and workplace. Thank you again Sisters for your progressive attitude and including men in this issue. In Solidarity”


“Instead of seeing sexual and domestic violence as women’s issues that some “good guys” help out with, violence against women are men’s issues, about which all men should be educated and active – especially men in positions of family, community, professional and political leadership.”

– Jackson Katz

“I firmly believe that this initiative is essential and perhaps will be effective right now.  We have been educating women for many years (40?) on how the violence they experience by men is NOT THEIR FAULT but the result of a society that accepts (and even supports) men being violent (real men?) and not taking responsibility for who is doing what to whom. “