Re: Photos of teen’s rape by gang go viral on Internet, Sept. 17

By Michael Harris

As a man, I am deeply disturbed that the alleged rape of a 16-year-old girl by seven young men could take place and be recorded and shared with others on Facebook. What is taking place in our society that would make these young males think of drugging and raping the girl, recording the incident and making it public? What is going on in their networks of family and friends to encourage such actions? What type of video games and music are they accessing? Are they heavily into porn? What experiences have they had, individually or collectively, to let them believe their debasing behaviour is in any way acceptable?

As for the girl, I am concerned that she will suffer long-lasting emotional and spiritual damage. How does she go on with her life and keep trusting in her spiritual beliefs? When will she ever trust the company of men again? I pray for her complete recovery.

Our women and children are sacred. The courts and the federal and provincial governments need to work together to make laws with heavy penalties that will deter people from behaving this way. All of our governments, school boards and community councils — and, indeed, all of our spiritual and religious circles — must develop programs that will encourage our youth to respect and protect our life-givers and children.

Michael Harris


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