Over 3,000 girls, women and senior women attend Battered Women’s Support Services (BWSS) groups every year. Since 1979, BWSS has provided specialized support groups for girls and women who experience gender violence.  At any given time BWSS provides ten unique specialized support groups and four drop-in groups. Those who attend our support groups report the positive impact the groups make in their healing process. They are able to break isolation and obtain tools to overcome the impacts of trauma.

Battered Women’s Support Services has recently launched two new support groups for women as part of the new Transformations program.

Trauma can create an emotional and physical imprint on the body. Trauma researchers have demonstrated that those who are affected by trauma often separate themselves from their bodies and feelings.  Yoga can significantly reduce the effects of Trauma –extensive research on the effects of mindfulness meditation through trauma sensitive yoga has been proven to positively influence trauma. Trauma sensitive yoga invites participants to notice and feel sensations within their body throughout the practice and they are encouraged to make their own choices about what they do and how they move with their body based on what they feel. Safety is created in several ways for women, one being that there is no physical assisting provided by instructors. The Trauma Sensitive and Mindfulness support group will help women find healing, health, and knowledge for self-practice and connection to the larger yoga community.

The Eco-Exploration and Mindfulness Group, is all about empowerment through an outdoor support group for girls and women to heal from childhood trauma/gender violence by reconnecting with nature and their bodies. Through mindfulness we are bringing, focused, non-judgemental awareness to our experience. The structured sessions will include: hiking, gardening, meditation, guided walks, journaling, learning about local medicinal plants, basket making, among other activities. Girls and women will enter into a healing process through connecting with Mother Earth.


We are pleased to announce that Lauriann Keane is taking on the role of Program Coordinator for Transformations.  Lauriann has worked and volunteered at BWSS for a few years most recently as Women’s Support Worker. She did her 200 hours of Yoga teacher at Karma Yoga Teachers and also has specific training in Trauma-Sensitive Yoga.

Transformations takes place Friday and Saturdays. The Yoga support group is offered at our Vancouver location on Fridays from 5pm to 8pm and Saturday mornings from 10am to 12noon. This is a closed, 10-week group.

The Eco-Exploration and Mindfulness Group will meet Saturday afternoons from 2pm to 4:30pm. This is an open support group with continuous intake.







For more information about Transformations please call 604-808-4378 or email Lauriann@bwss.org