Every Tuesday a group of amazing women get together…

Every Tuesday a group of amazing women get together to feel each others’ feelings and share feelings and experiences that can not be shared anywhere else or at least cannot be considered as serious as they are.

Women gather to hear and to be heard, validated, and understood without prejudice. Women come to be known for who they are and for the amazing things that they would like to accomplish.

Every week, women come together to build community, reduce isolation, form connection, and to empower themselves by providing safe and nurturing spaces for each other. Only one thing brings women here every week…it is the feeling of belonging and inclusion.

It is my honour to be part of this group as a facilitator and see women growing and changing gradually. I am so pleased that they allow me to accompany them through their journey toward recovery from abuse and be with them as they discover their strengths and challenges in life. Nothing is better than seeing women reclaiming their power, changing the quality of their life, and increasing self-awareness.

After all this time, I still feel excited when it is Tuesday. I go to the Drop-in group with a heart full of compassion and a mind full of ideas. I walk with women through their current fears and confusions and help to keep their desired future in sight.
Every week, I am astounded at how women connect to each other and support each other to defeat pain and make their voices heard.

Thank you, women, for being here with us, for being strong in your life and a true inspiration for other women!

BWSS’ Drop-in Support Group – Healing Connections – is held every Tuesday from 12pm-2pm. For more information about the group and/or join, please call our Crisis/Intake line at 604-687-1867.

– Marjaneh Aghamohseni, BWSS’ Victim Service/Short-term Worker