Today, perhaps more than ever, people around the world want change. Change in the inequalities that perpetuate oppression. Change in the systems that inhibit self-determination and prevent justice.

Since our inception, at Battered Women’s Support Services we understood that the change we sought in the world would only be achieved with participation from all segments of our communities. Our volunteer programs are created in the intention of maximizing the critical role that individuals have in achieving lasting change. No volunteer program exists in a vacuum, and our programs are shaped and influenced by the world we live in and we seek to create meaningful opportunities for volunteers to:

• Make a real difference in the work to end violence against women
• Use their skills and experience while developing new skills, having new experiences
• Give back and help another, which is particularly poignant when personally affected by gender-based violence
• Explore their individual strengths, beliefs, values
• Improve their job opportunities and receive world-class skill-based training

We currently have 150 volunteers assisting the work to end violence through:

A) Office Volunteer Program
B) Crisis Line and Intake Volunteer Program
C) Youth Ending Violence Program
D) Legal Advocacy Intern Program and Volunteer Lawyer Program
E) Indigenous Women’s Program
F) Advancing Women’s Awareness Regarding Employment (AWARE) Program
G) My Sister’s Closet Retail Volunteer Program
H) Women’s Safety and Outreach Volunteer Program

People volunteering with Battered Women’s Support Services give over 13,500 hours annually. And we know that the gift of time is priceless.

Every March we host our Volunteer Recognition Dinner and this year was our biggest and boldest turn out with 80 volunteers in attendance!



















Those who can, do. Those who can do more, volunteer”
















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“No one is more cherished in this world than someone who lightens the burden of another.”
















To volunteer at Battered Women’s Support Services please email us at

You could do something to End Violence Against Women