Why I am Walking for BWSS in the Vancouver Scotiabank 5K

June 28th, 2015

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Because I can.

Because I want to.

Because I need to.

As a woman,

As a survivor of violence,

As one who worked on the front lines,

I know.

I know violence against women and girls continues to be the most pressing social issue of our time with risk of fatality.


I know to overcome the impact of violence and abuse takes lots of time, support, and rebuilding of self, of trust, of relationships to others and community.

I know the requests for support services at Battered Women’s Support Services (BWSS) surpasses resources available and the team at BWSS works hard and are committed to do all they can to bring an end to violence.

I know how we work at BWSS – our perspective, analysis, tools for change, and skills – makes a difference in the lives of women and girls.

I know our work at BWSS changes lives, empowers lives, and saves lives – our work is critical and funds to sustain our work are critically needed.

I, BWSS, women survivors need your support.

You can become a participant and help fundraise for BWSS.

You can sponsor me as a walker for BWSS.

You can share this with your networks and encourage them to support BWSS at the Vancouver Scotiabank Half Marathon.


…Because The Violence Stops Here!