Women Artisans at My Sister’s Closet: Creating Art for Empowerment

Crochet Designs

by Ivani Adamastor


Battered Women’s Support Services engages in social enterprise that extends the entrepreneurial spirit to support Women Artisans to do what they love, while generating revenue that helps support them and their families.   There is no shortage of creative and talented women affiliated with us and since 2010 we have supported Women Artisans market their handmade products through our boutique My Sister’s Closet located at 1092 Seymour Street, in Vancouver, BC.  Here’s more about about My Sister’s Closet.

Violence and abuse are present in the lives of many women and the struggle for healing, empowerment and self-sufficiency involves many steps.  Our Women Artisan Program invites jewellers, potters, clothing designers who create wearable art to participate in enterprise as part of an empowerment process.

My Sister’s Closet invites all Women Artisans to create art that can be exhibited and sold in our boutique @ 1092 Seymour St, Vancouver BC.  Please read our blog featuring Artisan Laura Harrison.

Crochet Designs


Ivani Adamastor





Ivani Adamastor’s new line of crocheted clothing and accessories is a reflection of the designer’s amazing eye for detail and passion for creating new things.






Ivani creatively combines new and reclaimed materials into special one-of-a-kind items.




Producing her own clothes from whatever materials she could get her hands on demanded much creativity and skill.


Ivani loves breathing new life into unused fabric which adds a unique touch to her beautifully crocheted designs.

Every item is hand crafted with lots of love and care. Ivani hopes you will enjoy the warmth and beauty of these hand made items as much as she enjoys making them.