Image of a key in a lock. A Safe Home Changes Everything.

Giving Tiers

We’re grateful for all donations made safe housing, big or small.
For larger contributions, consider our giving tiers for even greater impact. Donate today to our giving tiers.

Apartment (Building Cost)

Gifts needed: 7

Bedrooms (Building Cost)

Gifts needed: 7

Kitchen (Building Cost)

Gifts needed: 7

Living Areas (Building Cost)

Gifts needed: 7


Gifts needed: 9

Home Entertainment Systems

Gifts needed: 10


Gifts needed: 20

Why We Are Now Providing Housing

Since 1994, BWSS has been envisioning the day when we can expand on our mission by providing housing for women. We’ve patiently awaited the right opportunity as we never wanted to grow for the sake of growth but rather to make the best of…

My Sister’s Closet

Our wonderful social enterprise, My Sister’s Closet, is proudly joining the campaign! We’ve had the pleasure of welcoming amazing donors to our store who have generously shown their support for safe housing for survivors. Visit My Sister’s Closet to show your support by leaving a message on our visual houses and keys, extending your encouragement to survivors.